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We are passionate, and it should manifest itself

Readunit is a software developing company in the field of maintenance, statutory inspections and facility.

Rene Søndergaard and Torben Kofoed are the owners of the company. Rene is responsible for development and Torben is responsible for the commercial side of things. Both Rene and Torben have a craftsman background within electrotechnics. They also have many years of experience with handling of tools and machines.

From the very beginning, the goal of the programme was that it should be the most intuitive and logical-to-use programme on the market. Before we began, we had months previously been thinking in the lines of structure, operation and design of our future system. Afterwards, we scouted the market for suitable programmers and have since the beginning had the same competent team, with a university background in programming.

During the development of the product, we have continuously involved various professionals from wind/offshore and industry in order to test our ideas. We have ended up with what we wanted: the most visual and intuitive programme on the market.

Our website is supplemented with apps for both iOS and android, which makes working with tests, lending and maintenance much simpler.

Readunit tool inspection software shown on a mobile phone

We keep it simple

Readunit can be adapted to your company’s specific needs, regardless of your company size. Our clients vary in industry and company size ranging from small, expanding to well established.

 Scan your device anywhere and see if it’s safe to use

 Receive e-mails from the system, containing clear instructions

Once you’ve followed predefined test points and implemented those tests, you don’t need to think about the subsequent documentation. The system does it for you.

Also imagine a system where there is always a 100% visual overview of safety data on ALL equipment and ALL employees, and where equipment can be moved between employees with a few clicks of the mouse.

The above is what you get with Readunit, plus much, much more.

Boy looking at Readunit inspection software on a tablet