User-friendly tool management for checking ladders.

When you’re working at height, it’s important that the ladder can withstand the load. That’s why it’s essential to have ladders inspected regularly.

At READUNIT, we have developed a tool management system that makes it easier for you to comply with annual tool inspections.

Our system gives you a reminder so that you can be sure that the ladder is reliable whatever the task.

A safe reminder every time

For many, a ladder may not be a tool that requires a lot of attention and control. However, if you use ladders for everyday tasks, it’s important that you don’t ignore mandatory inspections. Just like any other tool, a ladder requires a statutory inspection every 12 months according to the Danish Working Environment Authority’s Executive Order 1109. This applies to all types of ladders – which is why you need a professional inspection by an expert if you work with single ladders, step ladders, double ladders, extension ladders, rolling ladders and combination ladders.

With our system, you can easily comply with the inspection. Using our software, you’ll get a direct reminder when it’s time to check each tool.

We also keep track of certificates and reports for each ladder, allowing you to quickly and easily document the safety of your ladder.

Set up automatic notifications to your own employees and to external suppliers

New standard for ladders for industrial use

As a general rule, all ladders for normal use must fulfil the DS/EN 131 standard. This is to ensure that the ladder is manufactured safely and can withstand frequent use. In 2018, production of two different models of DS/EN 131 ladders began – one for professional use and one for hobby use. If you still have the old ladder models, it is perfectly safe to use them until they are worn out. No matter which ladders you have, we’ll keep track of their maintenance for you. Depending on your needs, our software generates automatic reminders to you or your external partners when your ladders need to be serviced.

Tool inspection & tracking system - Readunit

Get an overview today.

Need an overview of your ladders? We’re ready to help you with our tool management system. Using our system, you can quickly access all information on each product. Under each tool you can see the user manual, condition and location as well as reports on the product. The information can be accessed via a computer, a tablet or your own mobile phone.

All you need is an account with login and password. We’ve made it user-friendly for you, so you avoid the hassle of loose documents and tedious record keeping. If you’re interested in our system, contact us and book an online demo today. We will also be pleased to tell you about our product without any obligation, giving you an insight into the system’s many features.

Contact us on tel. +45 6988 4748 or use our contact form on this page.

Rene Søndergaard, Co-owner of Readunit

Safety must be taken seriously

Work and production safety is more in focus now than ever before. This focus will in fact not decrease in the future. Most companies have a financial management system and probably also a CRM system, as they take a serious approach to finances and their clients. If you want to take safety seriously, then you must avoid keeping track of safety data using loose sheets and Excel. This is what we are experts in and want to help you with.

Torben Kofoed and René Søndergaard

Owners of Readunit