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When handling chemicals, it is essential for companies to comply with the strict regulations and requirements set out in At-vejledning C.1.3-5 (the At guide C.1.3-5). The guide covers a wide range of substances and products marketed in Denmark. This includes everything from cleaning products to industrial chemicals. However, navigating this can be a complex task as many products may be subject to several different sets of regulations and supervisory authorities.

Therefore, it is crucial for companies to have a clear overview and documentation of their chemicals. This is where READUNIT comes in.

Comply with At-vejledning C.1.3-5 – easily and efficiently

When you use our system, you can easily create and update information about each product and have everything organised in one place. With an abundance of regulations and requirements to comply with, it can be challenging to keep track of statutory chemical inspections. With our system, you receive reminders when it’s time for an inspection and you can easily find the information you need – even when you’re out in the field.

Our search and scan feature makes it easy to access information on ingredients, approvals, special legislation and much more. If you need a specific product, the system allows you to quickly locate and get an overview of where the chemical is located – whether it’s in the chemical cabinet in the warehouse or in the service vehicles. This is your way to create an overview and safety.

Safe chemical management – directly via your phone

With our innovative system, your organisation can quickly and easily create a comprehensive overview of all your chemicals. With just a few clicks, our easy-to-use app gives you access to important information about each product.

You can instantly find out which ingredients the chemical contains, whether it is subject to approval requirements and whether there are other regulations according to At-vejledning C.1.3-5 that apply to the product. This will save you time and ensure you always have the necessary data at hand. When you buy chemicals, you attach them in the system along with special data sheets. Additionally, you need to complete and attach a chemical Workplace Assessment form, which is crucial for occupational safety and important to consult as needed, for example, in case of accidents or when you need information about washing, protective equipment or the like.

By compiling all the information about the products, you can increase workplace safety and at the same time speed up each process – and make things a little easier.

Set up automatic notifications to your own employees and to external suppliers

Get an overview: Try an online demo today!

Interested in our system? Get in touch with us today. We offer an online demo of the system to show you the many advantages – with no obligation. Give us a call on +45 6988 4748 or send an email to We look forward to helping your organisation achieve full compliance and create a more efficient workflow. With READUNIT, your organisation is equipped to handle chemicals in a safe, legal and efficient way..

Rene Søndergaard, Co-owner of Readunit

Safety must be taken seriously

Work and production safety is more in focus now than ever before. This focus will in fact not decrease in the future. Most companies have a financial management system and probably also a CRM system, as they take a serious approach to finances and their clients. If you want to take safety seriously, then you must avoid keeping track of safety data using loose sheets and Excel. This is what we are experts in and want to help you with.

Torben Kofoed and René Søndergaard

Owners of Readunit