Get an overview and increase safety

Scan the container and see what is inside of it without opening it

If you have many containers that you need to manage, you can count on Readunit for help. You will keep an eye on where your container is located in the world and when its critical parts such as locking mechanisms, stringers or lifting points should be inspected.

You may have some inspections that should only be done once a year and others more frequently. Perhaps you will “take control” each time a container comes home from a rental, and you have made a receive checklist that ensures uniformity and higher quality.

You scan the container and review the points with your phone, and when you are finished you exit, and your review is now saved and documented. If any necessary repairs were done that should be borne by the customer, the system can send you a notification with the items that you must remember when preparing an invoice to the customer.

• Containers per customer
• Annual and ongoing checklists
• Automatic notifications
• Full LOG of all events

Keep track of all your equipment in different locations using Readunit

Automatic notifications – Readunit does the work for you

Readunit can send automatic notifications out to its own employees and to external suppliers. If you test your own lifting gear, the system will automatically send information about upcoming tests of lifting gear to the relevant people. If you have external parties perform checks on your survival suits, the system can send notifications to your suppliers with the message:

It is time for INDUSTRIES A/S to undergo an inspection. There are 14 units, as can be seen in the table below.
Please contact Peter to arrange a date for an inspection

Set up automatic notifications to your own employees and to external suppliers
Rene Søndergaard, Co-owner of Readunit

Safety must be taken seriously

Work and production safety is more in focus now than ever before. This focus will in fact not decrease in the future. Most companies have a financial management system and probably also a CRM system, as they take a serious approach to finances and their clients. If you want to take safety seriously, then you must avoid keeping track of safety data using loose sheets and Excel. This is what we are experts in and want to help you with.

Torben Kofoed and René Søndergaard

Owners of Readunit