Repeated manual registration – No thank you

With RFID you increase efficiency / decrease errors

Industrial companies have a lot of equipment that must be monitored. This applies to all technical equipment covered by AT 1109, and also everything else needed to make production and business function.

Hand Tools, Fire Fighting Equipment, Ventilation, Lifting Equipment, First Aid Equipment, Ladders, PPE, Machine Maintenance and much more.

It is you and not the subcontractor that must manage your equipment because in the end this is your responsibility. It is perfectly fine for the subcontractor to come and perform inspections, but this is your data and it is you that knows when he should come. All data is stored in the same system and Readunit gives you an overview of everything. You can, thus, keep track of the annual safety check on a machine, and also on the semi-annual lubrication of the same machine that you have entered into the system. The system also gives you an overview of ongoing tasks in addition to the scheduled ones.

Use the RFiD scanner and Readunit app to register equiment on loan to a specific employee

NFC/RFiD System

Scan a bag with fall protection equipment and see in seconds what the bag contains. Scan again, and see what's missing based on what should be included. With READUNIT’s mobile app, you can perform tasks that previously took you hours to complete within just a few minutes. Our RFiD module is marketleading.

Take a look, and let us hear from you, if you agree.

Rfid scanner and a phone that displays the scanning result
Rene Søndergaard, Co-owner of Readunit

Safety must be taken seriously

Work and production safety is more in focus now than ever before. This focus will in fact not decrease in the future. Most companies have a financial management system and probably also a CRM system, as they take a serious approach to finances and their clients. If you want to take safety seriously, then you must avoid keeping track of safety data using loose sheets and Excel. This is what we are experts in and want to help you with.

Torben Kofoed and René Søndergaard

Owners of Readunit