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Handling the companies Competence Matrix

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Handling certificates

To keep track of training certificates for a company’s employees does not necessarily sound as a major task, but in the wind turbine industry, there may well be over 150 different courses and if the company has just 20 employees it results in quite a lot of combinations. There is a lot to keep an eye on and it is often done in EXCEL which does not give a sufficient overview.

Questions such as: Which of our employees have particular competences in “gearbox inspection” and “working at heights” and when will their certificates expire, may be pretty difficult to answer.

When preparing quotes for a project, documentation that one’s employees are in possession of validated certificates of the various courses must often be included. Maybe you need to send proof that you have 15 employees, who have a combination of 10 different courses, and now the work begins …

First you need to identify the employees with the validated certificates, and then you need to find and prepare the certificates to be sent to the client. Experience shows that this task may easily consume 1 full working day.


With Readunit, keeping track of certificates suddenly becomes both manageable, easy and fast.

The system gives you an overview of the current status, .e.g. the number of days until a certificate needs to be renewed, and via notifications it informs you when training should be scheduled. Via “mark”, the user can mark that a course has been reordered and thus the overview in an otherwise rather complex matrix is maintained.

Keep track of training certificates in Readunit and easily find out which employees have the training needed for a specific task
Find the employees needed for a specific task by performing a seach of competencies in Readunit
Keep track of training certificates in need of beeing renewed in Readunit

Handling the competence matrix video

Watch the video here to see how we find certificates of 3 employees, who have the combination of 3 different courses and eventually how the certificates are inserted in an e-mail. It cannot be done more effectively.

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A seach for specific competencies gives a result of 2 employees in Readunit